I can help you develop a logo as well as a supporting family of fonts, colors and graphic elements. I start with a logo exploration, and then I show you how the elements of the identity will live in the context of real things like a home page or a business card. Ideally, we will continue building out the brand as we develop other materials.


I design custom WordPress websites. This means that your website will be 100% unique and easy to maintain over time. I don’t do any coding myself, but I have a network of trusted developers who I work with regularly. I can oversee the development process, or I can work with you on the design only, and you can hire a developer separately.

I also design and customize Squarespace websites. This is a great option for startup businesses and people with rapid timeline needs.

All websites will be responsive and beautiful on every modern device and browser.

Printed Things

I love objects! I design brochures, booklets, packaging, labels, postcards, stationery, book covers and interiors, ads, t-shirts, notecards, bags and more. I work with you to conceptualize the best format for your content, and then I help source printing and production.

Digital Things

I design ebooks, editable worksheets and, if we’ve developed a brand together, social media graphics. I also love creating infographics, icons and spot illustrations.

Every project is a little different, so please contact me for pricing. Tell me a bit about what you’re looking for, and I’ll get get back to you with an estimate. I’m looking forward to hearing from you!

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My Approach

I strive to make things that are elegant, thoughtful and full of life. I enjoy getting to know clients and building relationships that grow into ongoing creative partnerships. Here’s an overview of my design and working philosophy. I hope this gives you a good sense of what my goals are and how we can make great things together.

I believe that

  • It’s better to communicate a few things clearly than many things poorly. This means that logos are best when simple and strong, and layouts with room to breathe will stand apart.
  • Brands are living, breathing things that expand and grow as your needs change. We shouldn’t shy away from variety, texture, energy and personality because that’s what makes brands special.
  • The sweet spot is when something is familiar but surprising. Confident but not arrogant. Beautiful but not necessarily perfect.
  • Good design comes from mutual trust. You trust my sensibility, and I trust your commitment. The process is a collaboration that brings the best of our perspectives together. I will be clear and consistent with you at every stage.
  • I won’t always get it right on the first try, but if you trust the process, then we will get it right on the second or third try.
  • Your insights make the work stronger. Overly specific feedback like mockups can stifle the flow of a project. However, I always welcome constructive discussion, questions and visual references.

I don’t believe in

  • Crowdsourcing feedback. It’s good to check in with a few well-chosen people in your audience to get reactions about our work, but we should never try to please everyone. I prefer confident gut decisions over group-driven analysis.
  • Unlimited anything. Some places offer silly promises like unlimited rounds of revisions. That may appear to add value to the project, but I believe that constraints push us both to do our best work.
  • Putting junk into the world. If it’s not artful, thought provoking, useful, delicious or fun, it probably doesn’t need to exist. Let’s not add to the clutter!